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"China’s not just a different country, it’s a different world" – Lonely Planet
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You've heard about China’s "economic miracle". The boom has created not only more than a million millionaires, but also a burgeoning middle class. Concerns over quality and safety of domestic products plus the prestige associated with imported goods complement increased household purchasing power to provide great opportunities for overseas brands.

However, success is never guaranteed. The market is sophisticated, competitive and unique. Cultural differences between mainland China and "The West" in taste, style and perceptions of value and quality often run much deeper than people initially realize. Growing your business in China requires recognizing these differences and adapting to them.

Regardless of which path you choose in the China market, you will achieve greater success by building a brand image that aligns with the tastes and sensibilities of Chinese consumers. That’s our specialty.

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Roads to the China market

Establish a legal entity in China, either a wholly foreign-owned entity (WFOE) or a joint venture (JV). This strategy involves the greatest investment in time and money, allowing your company to import your products and giving you the greatest control over your brand. We’re here to help your China business thrive.

Selling to distributors (distributors - plural!) or web platforms (e-hypermarkets) that import your products to sell in China requires less investment, but you risk losing control of your brand. Be wary of intellectual property infringements. We can help you exercise control over your brand in China.
Chinese distributors will ask you two questions: "What is your branding strategy for China?"" and "What marketing support can you offer us in China?"" Having the right answers to these crucial questions raises your value as a supplier.

Open a shop in a cross-border ecommerce marketplace that handles the customs, payments and logistics for you. This is the cheapest, but slowest method for penetrating the China market. The platform templates are set and platform rules often include strict refund policies and deep discounts during special promotions, like "double 11" where the costs are absorbed by the shop owner. Let us work with you to get the word out and maximize your e-sales.

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What we can do for you

Market Research

China covers a vast area with striking regional cultural variations and social disparities that strongly impact consumer choices. Sales channels are diverse and often function differently here. Where do you sell your product? Who are your target customers? What are your optimal sales channels?

The challenges of selling your product in a luxury Shanghai supermarket chain, for example, are distinct from the challenges of primarily doing e-sales in 2nd tier cities in Northeastern China. For some imported goods, the market in larger urban centers is saturated, competition intense. Demand for these products may be strong in booming 2nd and 3rd tier cities. On the other hand, some common Western goods are largely unknown in China; market exposure and consumer education can lead to success.

Based on your product, we will collect, analyze and present relevant industry data to enable you to make informed decisions on these critical issues. We can help you determine your target demographic and optimal sales strategies.


You have already established your unique brand image at home. Some businesses make the mistake that communicating your image effectively in China simply means translating your marketing materials into Chinese.

Brand communication involves careful tweaking of the language, graphics, and emphasis to transform your image so that it naturally attracts positive attention from Chinese consumers.

Language is crucial and involves more than just translating your words accurately. Direct English-to-Chinese translations often fall flat, missing the mark in terms of the tone, style and flow in the minds of your potential customers. Without a clear understanding of your brand, even professional translators fail to imaginatively convey your story.

Color schemes, images and graphics can evoke different emotional reactions here than abroad. An oversight could result in a visual turn-off that costs you customers.

At CCM we use our familiarity with your brand vision to create a story that vividly communicates your message and captures the imagination of Chinese consumers. Based on your requirements, we will advise you on your optimal media choices and design advertising campaigns or creative integrated marketing programs.

Social Media

Social media is HUGE in China, and it’s not the same social media that the rest of the world uses. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube and Instagram are all inaccessible here. Instead we have WeChat, Sina Weibo, Baidu and YouKu.

WeChat (an instant messaging mega-app) has over 600 million monthly active users in mainland China. You could set up a WeChat account for your company from abroad, but posts from overseas WeChat accounts are not visible to domestic Chinese users. You want a mainland China WeChat account. Google search engine optimization (SEO) won't help you in China. With over 80% of the domestic-search market share, Baidu is the search engine that you need optimized.

The younger demographic increasingly relies on social media to inform their purchasing choices. Need somebody to set up and operate your Chinese social media accounts to optimize your brand’s presence on the 600-million-plus smart phones in China? Let us help.

Events & Offline Marketing

Despite the increasing focus on digital marketing, there is no substitute for the tangible, personal experience provided by traditional marketing. Offline marketing not only builds on your online efforts, but also allows you to reach out to new demographics.

Shopping is serious business in China. Promotions, events and offline marketing can add a “real-life” human experience that creates lasting impressions. These activities are especially relevant to more traditional consumers that still make up a substantial part of China's market.

We look forward to working with you to put your products in the hands of your target demographic by assisting with offline advertising, promotional events, sales channel development and even exhibition participation.

We understand the challenges of coordinating offline marketing and events efficiently from abroad. Inaccurate communications waste time and money. English-language service usually comes at a large mark-up. You’ll benefit from having a bilingual team of locals here on the ground.

Web Design

You already have an excellent website. But look at any website from mainland China and you’ll immediately appreciate stylistic differences. For example, contrast www.msn.com with the comparable Chinese site www.sina.com in English and then www.sina.com.cn for the mainland version.

Successful businesses recognize the benefits of adjusting the format of their Chinese language website. While staying true to your brand image, we can transform your Chinese-language website into a format familiar to Chinese viewers, providing them a comfortable online experience.

Anything else we can do?

From executing large-scale integrated campaigns, to assisting with a single need, we’d love to hear from you. If there’s something you need that we didn’t list here, please don't hesitate to ask – we’d love to help.

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