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China Compass Marketing was established by three friends who have collaborated for years on various marketing, branding and business projects. We gradually realized that our industry experience is complementary, integrating easily to give us unique advantages in filling a market niche: CCM specializes in assisting foreign companies succeed in the China market. We are China specialists: we speak the language, are up-to-date on the rapidly-changing trends and understand Chinese culture and aesthetics. We are also English-speakers firmly grounded in Western culture and ideas, so your communication with us flows easily and accurately.

As a small, tightly-integrated studio we rely on our agility. Responsiveness to your needs is our core value. We will listen to you to gain an understanding of your brand and your goals. Only then can we offer uniquely creative solutions based on your requirements and your values.

Having each spent over a decade working in large companies with multinational clients, we understand the demands of bigger businesses, but we also look forward to working with small and medium-sized enterprises.

Over the years the three of us have grown an extensive network of connections in everything China-business-related. We pay close attention to the often-unpredictable policy changes that can drastically affect markets.

We commit to delivering surprisingly affordable, top-quality service in everything we do

China Compass Logo


A compass like this one (the handle of the spoon pointing to magnetic South) is one of the 4 great inventions of ancient China. The others are paper (yeah, we know), gunpowder and the printing press in case you were wondering. Invented over 2000 years ago compasses were originally used for geomancy. But by 1000 AD innovative travelers had begun using the compass as a navigational aid.

At CCM we hope to become your trusted guide as you navigate through unfamiliar territory to arrive at your destination in China.